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We're guessing you've heard certain terms to describe a certain type of cooking — locavore, for instance, or farm-to-table.

At Hearth, what we're doing in the kitchen goes back to a time long before terms like that even existed — back to when people simply knew that this was the best way to eat. Our chefs visit the greenmarket each morning to select ingredients that practically hum with freshness and flavor. 

Our menu changes from week to week and reflects a vibrant, ongoing conversation with local farms. Our bar team is constantly playing with ingredients in a quest to create cocktails of maximum deliciousness. We believe in honoring and supporting the small farmers and the independent winemakers who put the utmost care into what they grow and make, and we believe that you can taste the difference with every bite and every sip. Hearth is where you want to go when you want to eat and drink well.