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Food & Nutrition

At Hearth we believe that the best things for the planet and the best things for your body tend to overlap.

The food that we serve is made with your health in mind, and we don’t cut corners. We mill our own polenta and heirloom grains for our pasta. We celebrate offal because organ meats are loaded with nutrients. (Even our burger is a wellness superstar.) We buy the produce that’s bursting with life at the greenmarket. We serve wild fish that’s caught or grown in an environmentally sustainable way.

We go the extra mile to source the finest grass-fed butter and extra virgin olive oil.

(Never the cheap stuff.) We serve meat from animals that roamed pastures instead of being penned up. We steer clear of refined sugar; we express our sweetness with the help of honey and dates and dark chocolate and maple syrup.

Why do we take these extra steps? Because you care about what you put into your body, and so do we. Because you care about the health of the planet, and so do we. (We’re not going to lecture you about any of this, by the way. We just want you to know you’re in good hands.)

Seasonality in New York

When you think of New York City you probably don’t think of agriculture. But if you happen to drive north a few miles into the Hudson Valley, or eastward to Long Island, or westward into New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you’ll quickly find the beautiful fields and farm stands of our region.

At Hearth we maintain a close connection to the people who grow our food on this land, and we adjust the menu on almost a daily basis with an eye toward cooking what’s good right now.

Our kitchen team can work wonders with ramps and morels and fava beans, for instance, but those delights appear on the Hearth menu only for a few weeks. The best way to find out what we’re cooking is to stay tuned to our social media channels — and plan ahead with our Hearth Seasonality Chart, below, which lets you know when (for instance) the heirloom tomatoes are coming so that you can relish them at their ripest.

A Year At Hearth

We believe in honoring our little planet — specifically our little East Coast sliver of it — by celebrating the seasons.

Here are some of the seasonal delights that you are apt to find on the menu at Hearth at different times of the year. (As you can see, the best way to experience our restaurant is to keep coming back.)

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