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Hearth for Home is a biweekly take-home kit for people who use their kitchens, find joy in the cooking process, and believe that eating well is about more than just nourishment—it’s a force of connection and responsibility to each other and to our planet. 

If you had a day to stock your fridge for the entire week, you’d likely make some if not all of the things you’ll find in this bag. The idea here is to provide you with highly adaptable, multipurpose ingredients that will help you create healthy and delicious food in your home kitchen, quickly and easily. 

This kit requires basic cooking knowledge; we are providing you with purposefully general ideas of how to use these ingredients. We encourage you to step away from exhaustive recipes, trust your senses, and create!

Each kit includes the equivalent of 8 pints of market-driven pantry product*, along with Chef Marco’s personal tips and suggestions for use, and is enough to support up to two weeks of conscious cooking. Kits do not include proteins or specific, by-the-book recipes.

*Please note that we are unable to accommodate allergies or dietary restrictions at this time. 

Purchasing and Pick-up 

$82 per kit (+ tax).

Kits are available for pick-up only,**  via the Brodo to-go window at 200 1st Ave during storefront hours Wed-Fri (8am-8pm). 

Click here for a list of this week's ingredients.

To bring Hearth into your home please fill out the inquiry form below, and we will reach out personally to confirm your order.

**We do not provide delivery, however you are more than welcome to enlist a third party courier to pick up the kit on your behalf.