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The Hearth Menus
Both the dinner and dessert menus are included here. We will keep them as current as possible--but technology is not as fast as our kitchen!
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Marco Canora's menu features classical dishes that have been given a contemporary spin. Whether exotic or familiar, the ingredients are allowed to speak for themselves in an uncontrived manner. Have a look at some of our signature dishes.

The menu changes daily, with more comprehensive revisions seasonally. All of the dishes are composed and within each dish is a focus on one item, be it protein or vegetable. Marco riffs on that foodstuff; for instance, on his pork dish, he presents the loin, the belly and a homemade sausage.

Another common
thread is the use of true Italian cooking techniques
which are often sacrificed in modern restaurants in favor of easy fixes and culinary shortcuts.

BRUNCH at Hearth. Every Saturday and Sunday 11 am-2:00 pm. Brunch Menu here.