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Marco Canora's cookbook Salt to Taste is now available. Below are some excerpts adapted from the foreward.
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"The phrase 'salt to taste' isn't a one-time instruction; in fact, you could say that the phrase 'salt to taste' represents my overall approach to cooking. Great food is not the product of sticking rigidly to exact measurements. The best cooks I know rely mainly on their senses; they taste, smell, listen, and watch what they are cooking in order to determine what is needed to achieve the effect they want. They allow the food and stove to guide them rather than vice versa. If you are cooking a duck breast on the stovetop, for example, notice how it behaves when it reaches a perfect medium-rare: You'll find that it puffs up like a balloon and springs back when you poke it with your finger. Noticing changes as you go is what becoming a good cook is all about. It's about learning to sense when the meat has reached 125°F without repeatedly sticking it with a thermometer. (Besides, poking holes in the meat is not a good thing, because all of the delicious juices will flow out and leave you with a dry, tasteless piece of duck jerky.) This may take 8 minutes on my stove and 11 minutes on yours.

"I know a lot of chefs who are great cooks, but I also know great cooks who are not chefs. My mom and older sister Zia Leda, never worked in restaurants. The two of them probably taught me more about cooking than anyone else. I have always been in awe of how they can take the most humble ingredient, like the plastic-wrapped cauliflower sitting around in the produce section of the local supermarket, and transform it into something delicious. They taught me how to coax intense flavors from every ingredient I use, always by feeling and tasting my way through the cooking.

"When I tell people what I ate as a child, many assume my mother spent all day in the kitchen. In fact, she was a single parent running her own company, and yet she found time to cook healthy and delicious meals almost every night of the week.

"Cooking at home every day doesn't have to be an ordeal if you prepare a little. The best part is that the food you make stands a good chance of being cheaper and better for you than what you'll find on most restaurant menus. Once you've honed your skills, you'll probably discover that what you make actually tastes better than what you'd get anywhere else.

"Cooking is not a mere chore but a creative outlet and a pastime, one that requires you to use all your senses, your intuition, and your resourcefulness. Don't be afraid to experiment and learn to accept the fact that sometimes your experiments will flop. Take the occasional failure with a grain of salt (so to speak) and learn from your mistakes. Start to think of the recipes in the pages that follow as templates, with information that you can apply to a wide variety of dishes, foods and cooking situations, and this book will have served its purpose. If the food you are inspired to make brings smiles and satisfaction to those who eat it, then you will be doing something to make this crazy world we live in a better, more hospitable place."

©2009 Marco Canora all rights reserved